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FY 2007 NOAA Preserve America Initiative Internal Funding Program - Funded Projects

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Voices of the Bay: A Voyage of Science, Community and Heritage through Local Fisheries Knowledge $21,500
Local fisheries and the marine environment were incorporated into the curricula, lesson plans and activities to expose students to the rich fishing history of the Monterey Bay area.

Voices from the Fisheries: Proposal for a National Archive $15,920
A centralized database of oral histories was created for web-based archive and public access.

Catching the Fishing History of Lake Michigan, 1871-2006 $9,000
Through interviews with fisherman, fishery biologists and local residents, the living history of the fishery in Lelanau Peninsula / Manitou Islands was collected and archived.

Documenting the History and Heritage of US Weather Bureau Buildings, 1898-1913 $9,000
Using archived data and photographs, employees provided detailed and comprehensive report on the architecture of US Weather Bureau Buildings, their inhabitants, and their lives.

Talk Story: Interpreting NOAA's Contribution to South Maui, Hawaii $16,400
Interpretive signage and a recycled bench were produced for visitors of the South Maui Coastal Heritage Corridor.

Documenting Traditional Knowledge of Marine Use and Resource Management in American Samoa $20,860
Using the oral histories of traditional fishing and resource methods of the elders from the American Samoan coastal villages, project participants and partners improved outreach materials, marine usage and resource management.

George Washington Carver - Voluntary Weather Observer Traveling Exhibit $7,650
In partnership with NOAA, the National Park Service developed a traveling exhibit featuring volunteer meteorological observer George Washington Carver, who recorded 32 years of weather data. NOAA Librarian Doria Grimes worked with National Park Service (NPS) Acting Superintendent Tyrone Brandyberg to assemble the new exhibit, displayed at the Carver Museum at Tuskegee University, where Carver taught. In addition to being featured at the museum, this 10x10 foot exhibit was part of a traveling exhibit, featuring Carver as an environmentalist.

Upper Keys Shipwrecks: Archaeological Site Assessment of Shipwrecks in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary - $9,650
An experienced nautical archaeologist trained volunteers in methods of underwater archaeological survey, mapping and documentation.

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