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FY 2006 NOAA Preserve America Initiative Internal Funding Program - Funded Projects

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Locked in Time: Live Broadcast from the Schooners Frank A. Palmer and Louise B. Crary - $11,500
On Saturday, 15 July 2006, viewers experienced a live underwater tour as they watched the research team investigate the wreck.

Digitizing the Thunder Bay Sanctuary Research Collection - $4,000
Digitization of photos and maritime history documents allowed online access for historians, archaeologists, geneaologists, resource managers, students, journalist and anyone interested in the history the Great Lakes.

Digital Preservation of Northern Fur Seal Photos and Historical Documents - $4,000
Digitization of aerial and ground-level photos of northern fur seal, Callorhinus ursinus, was done for database archival.

Picturing 135 Years of Science in Woods Hole - $18,000
This major photography exhibit titled "Little Village, Big Science" tells how the village of Woods Hole became a world capital for marine sciences.

The 100-Year Sardine Legacy - $14,500
Located on the Southwest Fisheries Science Center's Grove Pacific Facility is a mural NOAA's history in the past 100 years of the sardine industry.

Gathering, Preserving, and Sharing Traditional Fisheries Knowledge from Down East Communities in North Carolina - $25,000
Heritage assets of communities of Carteret County and interactive educational exhibits are showcased.

USS Macon Expedition Education and Outreach Programming: Bringing the Macon "Home" - $16,250.
A marine archaeology effort documented the wreck site and artifacts from the USS Macon

Preserving the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary's Maritime History: Digitizing and Disseminating Archival Source Material of Cultural Importance - $12,100
Historical documents of marine ecosystems of the Florida Keys, including maps, charts, personal papers and colonial records, were digitized for archival and dissemination.

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