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FY 2005 NOAA Preserve America Initiative Internal Funding Program - Funded Projects

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The "Lure" of History: 75 Years of Fisheries Research at NOAA's Montlake Facility
After partnering with the Museum of History and Industry, local historians and authors hosted a lecture and a permanent exhibit was created for the public.

Using Oral Histories to Preserve the Heritage of NOAA's Arctic Research Programs
Visualizations, webpages and a geodatabase were created from information gathered through oral interviews

NOAA’s Lesser Known Heritage: Vindicating Seward’s Folly
An interpretive display was created to recognize NOAA’s diverse heritage in the Pribilof Islands and the contributions of the Pribilovians through preservation of the sealing plant on St. George Island.

Preserving Local Fisheries Heritage: Jonesport, ME - $15,920
Schoolchildren participated in capturing history via oral interviews. Local community members attended presentations on local fisheries heritage and began using the digital Jonesport Heritage Center.

Preserving Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary Maritime Heritage: Live Broadcast from the Steamship Portland
Two live video broadcasts were sent from the shipwreck of the steamship Portland located in the sanctuary to viewers at the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum and on the World Wide Web.

Treasures of NOAA's Ark at Nauticus, The National Maritime Center
In partnership with Nauticus, the National Maritime Center, NOAA adapted its original exhibit for easy mobility, thereby creating a traveling exhibit for countrywide exposure.

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