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NOAA Heritage Program
2019 Internal Funding Recipients

The NOAA Heritage Program is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2019 internal funding opportunity to preserve, protect, and promote NOAA's heritage assets. Since 2005, this popular program has funded dozens of small projects led by NOAA staff from around the country. They have ranged from creating visualizations of NOAA data for outreach, to interpreting NOAA's historic and cultural resources, to capturing oral histories of NOAA employees and its constituents.

This year's funded projects are:

NOAA Legends
Project leads: Vankita Brown, Ayeisha Brinson, and Makeda Okolo; NOAA National Weather Service and NOAA Headquarters; Maryland

Audio-visual podcasts will preserve the experiences and reflections of NOAA's diverse and unsung heroes and "sheroes," including the first African-American woman to earn a degree in meteorology and the first female television meteorologist in the United States.

A History of NOAA Ocean Research based from Oregon
Project lead: Rick Brown; NOAA Fisheries; Oregon
Funded in partnership with NOAA Fisheries

An exhibit at the Oregon Sea Grant Visitor Center at the Hatfield Marine Science Center will celebrate NOAA's history of ocean research in the Pacific Northwest and NOAA's deep relationships with Oregon's academic institutions. Visitors will encounter graphics with a timeline of significant events, touch screen displays, and hands-on experiences.

Strengthening Community Resilience in America's Oldest Seaport; Documenting Oral History in Gloucester, Massachusetts
Project leads: Peter Burns and Caleb Gilbert; NOAA Fisheries; Massachusetts

In partnership with the Northeast Fisheries Science Center's "Voices from the Fisheries," oral history recordings will capture the invaluable life experiences of long-lived members of Gloucester's working waterfront, one of the oldest fishing communities in the United States.

Recovering salmon runs in Northeast Oregon: an educational film to engage local
Project lead: Sarah Fesenmyer; NOAA Fisheries; Oregon
Funded in partnership with NOAA Fisheries

NOAA Fisheries and Grande Ronde Model Watershed will develop a 3-minute
educational film for schools and community events telling the story of the work of a coalition partners to restore salmon habitat in Northeast Oregon.The film will highlight local efforts to preserve NOAA and our country's heritage of abundant salmon runs.

Oxford and Oysters: 60 Years and Still Learning
Project leads: Amy Freitag, Shawn McLaughlin, Gretchen Messick, and Suzanne Skelley; NOAA National Ocean Service; Maryland

Oysters are a way of life around the Chesapeake Bay, especially in Oxford, Md. NOAA's Cooperative Oxford Laboratory will create an interactive exhibit for school-aged children for use at local festivals, using the lab's history of oyster research as a way to highlight the lab's decades of work and importance to the region.

Conserving and Promoting the History of Gulf of Mexico Fishing Communities - A Public Art Project
Project leads: Catherine Hayslip and Jeff Pulver; NOAA Fisheries; Florida

Public art will highlight the intersection of fishing, science, and NOAA's contribution to the fishing community history in St. Petersburg, FL through two murals placed on local buildings.

Preserve and Protect the Last Remaining U.S. Weather Bureau kiosk in the Nation and its National and Local History in Knoxville, Tennessee
Project leads: David Hotz, Derek Eisentrout, and Anthony Cavallucci; NOAA National Weather Service; Tennessee

In the late 1890s, the U.S. Weather Bureau wanted to find a better way to disseminate weather information, so it installed permanent weather kiosks in busy city centers around the country. This project will preserve the last remaining weather kiosk, located in Knoxville, TN and enhance it with educational information.

Point Adams Evolution in Maritime History, from a Legacy of Life Saving to NOAA Research
Project lead: Susan Hinton; NOAA Fisheries; Oregon

New educational signage at NOAA's historic Point Adams Research Station in Oregon will give visitors a glimpse of its rich, 130 year-old history. Visitors will also be able to receive a "passport stamp" for visiting the station as part of the United States Lighthouse Society Passport Program.

Do You Believe in Miracles? Preserving and highlighting the work of the NWS Olympic Support Unit at the 1980 Winter Olympic Games
Project leads: John G.W. Kelley; NOAA National Ocean Service; New Hampshire

A special exhibit at the Lake Placid Olympic Museum in 2020 will highlight the contributions of the National Weather Service's unique Olympic Support Unit at the XIII Olympic Winter Games in February 1980. The exhibit will coincide with the 40th anniversary of the Games.

50 years of NOAA Fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico and Beyond
Project lead: Brandi Noble; NOAA Fisheries; Mississippi
Funded in partnership with NOAA Fisheries

The Mississippi Laboratories will open their doors in 2020 with an Open House to educate visitors about the Labs' 50-year history in the region. Permanent and mobile displays will highlight NOAA's contribution to sustainable fisheries, the fishing community, and protected species in the region, including the Labs' role in developing and implementing gear modification.

Gray's Reef Expo: Celebrating NOAA's 50th Anniversary
Project leads: Michelle Riley; NOAA National Ocean Service; Georgia

Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary will create more than 20 exhibits, booths, demonstrations, and film screenings – some focused on oral histories – showing festival-goers at the 2020 Tall Ships Challenge in Savannah, GA the unique past, present, and future of the sanctuary and NOAA. 

Wyoming Extreme Weather Historical Exhibit
Project leads: Timothy W. Troutman; NOAA National Weather Service; Wyoming

A traveling educational STEM exhibit for middle-school students will highlight Wyoming's 12 climate and water-related hazards and significant historical events, such as a record blizzard that struck the state in 1949.

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