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NOAA Has a Rich Collection of Heritage Resources

NOAA heritage resources imagesAs the nation's oldest scientific agency, NOAA has in its care a wealth of heritage resources that recall the agency's proud history and dedicated service to the nation.

NOAA's heritage resources include photographs, books, charts, maps, scientific instruments, and other artifacts -- some centuries old. Whether it’s a nautical chart plate engraved in the 1850s, a tidal computer developed in the 1880s, or an original hurricane bulletin issued in the early 1900s, it tells a story about the evolution of NOAA and is worthy of preservation.

NOAA is also the steward of large-scale heritage resources, such as the historic Fort Crockett, which serves as a NOAA Fisheries lab, and the wreck of the Civil War ironclad USS Monitor.

Of course, among NOAA’s most valuable heritage resources are the men and women who work every day to educate others about the agency’s history and legacy of service.

Photo Captions: 1.) Plate 39. The Sea Horse. Hippocampus heptagonus, raf. Credit: Historic NMFS Collection 2.) Calibrating the cameras on a TIROS satellite. Credit NOAA in Space Collection 3.) 1946 photo of a radio direction finder used to track radiosonde balloons. Credit: Historic NWS Collection 4.) Internal View of Fathometer. From the manual - "The Submarine Fathometer." Credit: Historic C&GS Collection