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2016 NOAA Preserve America Initiative Internal Funding Program Recipients

The NOAA Preserve America Initiative Internal Funding Program (PAIIF) is pleased to announce the 2016 PAIIF recipients. Each project demonstrates the concept of using heritage to communicate NOAA’s messages and contemporary issues that are of relevance to the American public. The selected projects represent current issues facing the nation and our agency: sustainable economies, community and cultural engagement, building strong partnerships, educating future generations through learning about the past, and engaging in diversity and inclusiveness for the future.   The projects selected this year represent great diversity in scope, geography, and preservation.


NOAA’s Legacy of International Scientific Cooperation and Polar Motion Studies:
Preserving the Ukiah and Gaithersburg Latitude Observatories                
Project Lead: Dana J. Caccamise II, La Jolla, CA
NOAA National Ocean Service


Hostile Waters: Diving on the Shipwrecks of World War II’s Battle of the Atlantic Exhibit                                                                                  
Project Lead: Tane Casserley, Newport News, VA
NOAA National Ocean Service


A virtual tour of the campus wide vision - “Create a Community Science Walk that Demonstrates a Cleaner and Greener NOAA-Sand Point”                                    
Project Lead: Michael Grady, Seattle, WA
NOAA Fisheries


Hawaii Bottomfish: Tracing Traditions and Preserving Culture                               
Project Lead: Justin Hospital, Honolulu, HI
NOAA Fisheries


Creating a Weather Museum at the 1901 U.S. Weather Bureau Building on Cape Hatteras National Seashore, NC – Phase 1 – Developing a Conceptual Design            
Project Lead: Scott Kennedy, Newport, NC
NOAA National Weather Service


Leveling Denali’s Past with Help from Geoscientists of the Future                      
Project Lead: Nicole Kinsman, Alaska Coastal & Geodetic Advisor, Anchorage, AK
NOAA National Ocean Service


Exploring the Maritime Cultural Landscape of the Portland Gale               
Project Lead: Deborah Marx, Scituate, MA
NOAA National Ocean Service


Retrospective of Polar Orbiting Satellites                                                                     
Project Lead: Stephanie Moore, Lanham, MD
NOAA Satellite and Information Service


Fishermen and Fish Dealers of the Greater Tampa Bay Voices from the Fisheries 
Project Lead: Christina Package-Ward, St. Petersburg, FL
NOAA Fisheries

Remembering the Fairbanks Alaska Flood of 1967                                         
Project Lead: Edward Plumb and Crane Johnson, Fairbanks, AK
NOAA National Weather Service


Stories from the Helm and Flight Deck – Past, Present & Future: Women of the NOAA Corps
Project Lead: Timi Vann and Cresent Moegling, Seattle, WA
NOAA Western Regional Team - National Weather Service, National Ocean Service

Click here for more detailed information on the 2016 NOAA PAIIF funded projects.